FoodyTV and Our Amazing Sponsors

FoodyTV works with each sponsor and advertiser to create unique content that seamlessly integrates our sponsors amazing brands and products directly into our awesome chef culinary concepts, including episodes, shorts, teaser and stills.

As needed, FoodyTV also produces and integrates dynamic advertisements directly into on-demand content and slots during live and on-demand FoodyTV viewing. All media is also fully integrated into dynamic social media blasts, tied to both FoodyTV and any sponsor websites and handles.

Join FoodyTV as a sponsor today and together let’s develop amazing integrated content that builds brands, drives engagement, motivates spend and expands digital ecosystems.

Food Television Matters

  • 100 Million

    In any given week 100m+ Americans consume some type of food related media, 2nd only to sports.

  • 23 Billion

    Food-related videos were viewed 23 billion times globally in 2015, a 170% rise from 2014.

  • 57 %

    Food is one of the most posted industries on social media with 57% of Pinterest’s content relating to food.

  • 1/3

    The “TV Everywhere” movement has pushed mobile phones, tablets and Smart TV’s to quickly become the preferred means of viewer consumption of food centric content. Between 2011-2015, more than one-third traditional TV viewing by 18-24 year olds have migrated to streaming or other digital platforms.

Our Sponsors


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