Texas Sized Grilled Cheese

Serving 1 Sandwich

3 slices
Texas Toast
Grilled golden Red Onions
Brown Sugar Bacon Slices
Shredded Cheddar cheese
Shredded Gruyere cheese
1 tbsp
Chef Sandra's Bacon Syrup
3 tbsp
French Onion Soup Mix - to taste
1 tbsp
Butter- Softened
A pinch
Kosher or Flake Salt

Chef Sandra’s TIPS:

  • You can make a grilled cheese complete in a pan on the stove top, in your oven on a pan or a pizza stone does nicely; toaster oven will work also and the ever golden browning panini machine works great
  • Its always better to cook this sandwich at lower heat and slower to make sure you don’t burn your bread and end up with no melted cheese
  • Optional Herbs: Using chopped fresh herbs and butter to brush on the outside of the bread is tasty and fresh option
  • Optional Mayo: Brushing the outside of the sandwich breads with Mayonnaise gets a nice crispy browning for your sandwich and you can flavor your mayo
  1. Pre-Heat oven at 400 degrees and get pan ready (a cast iron is great for grilled cheese)

  2. Combine French Onion Soup mix and Butter brush outside of toast and set aside. Sprinkle salt on one side!

  3. Cook your brown sugar bacon slices and grill your onions:
    First, Get a sheet pan, and put down your bacon slice and dust with brown sugar. Bake off for about 7-10 minutes and while bacon cooking get the onions done in the pan to a golden brown - set both aside out of any oil or oiled paper

  4. Build your sandwich: Add cheeses to bottom slice of toast and stack handfuls on top of each other

  5. Add onions on top of cheese

  6. Add brown sugar bacon slices

  7. Top with Bacon syrup (from the pan!)

  8. On the second piece of bread, stack ingredients the same way over again. (You will be cooking the toast slices separately so that the cheese melts; you are not putting a triple decker sandwich in oven because this only burns the bread but not melts the cheese)

  9. Put both stacks of toast with all the ingredients/cheese on baking pan(s) and then put third piece of bread next to it. Here, We get outsides of toast browned and cheese melted. Once cheese melted on both slices then stack and put third bread slice on top and press down to secure with spatula. Put the combined sandwich stack back in the oven to final cook off a few more minutes to complete total melting and browning of yummy goodness!


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