Bananas Foster Stuffed French Toast with Caramel Rum Sauce

Makes 8 stuffed French toast

I loaf
French bread
large, ripe banana (for mash)
1 cup
dark brown sugar (for mash)
8 oz
cream cheese – softened (for mash)
1 tbsp
Madagascar vanilla bean paste (for mash)
2 tsp
dark rum (for mash)
¾ stick / 3 ounces
butter (for sauce)
1 cup
dark brown sugar (for sauce)
3 tbsp
dark rum (for sauce)
2 tsp (optional)
banana liquor (for sauce)
¼ cup
heavy whipping cream (for sauce)
large eggs (for batter)
¼ cup
heavy whipping cream (for batter)
2 tbsp
sugar (for batter)
2 tsp
Madagascar vanilla bean paste (for batter)
1 tbsp
cinnamon (for batter)
  1. SAUCE: Using a medium size sauce pan on medium low heat add the brown sugar. Add the banana liquor to the sugar and mix well. Add in the rum to the edge of the pan and Flambé. Mix well using a wire whisk. Turn the stove on medium-high and stir in the cream and allow to cook for about 2 minutes. Once the sauce starts to thicken add half of the butter mix and then the other half and mix well. Allow the sauce to continue to cook until you get to the right consistency. This should look like caramel. Set aside until your French toast is ready. When the toast is ready you may need to heat it back up as Carmel hardens as it sits.

  2. FRENCH TOAST: Using a French bread loaf, cut one inch almost all the way down and then cut another inch over all the way down to create a butterfly. Repeat the process you should get about 8 stuffed French toast. In the center of each piece of bread, stuff with the banana mash.

  3. For the batter mix all ingredients together well in a medium size bowl.

  4. Using an electric griddle turn on 325 degrees and melt a generous amount of butter on it. Dip the stuffed bread into the French toast batter and remove and extra liquid. Immediately gill on pre-warmed griddle until golden brown on all sides. Repeat with remaining bread.

  5. Top the French toast with the bananas foster sauce and sprinkle with powdered sugar and pecans. Add some fresh berries, chopped pecans, or more sliced bananas for a pretty presentation (optional).


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