Todd Alan Lough

... At the age of 7 years old Chef Alan was sitting in his grandmother's kitchen watching her make pie dough.To his amazement she was not measuring any of her ingredients. He then asked her "how do you know how much butter and flour to use grandma" She looked him right in the eye with her fingers rubbing together the crumbly dough and said "you just feel it". From that day on the young man knew his destiny. In the years to follow Chef Alan worked in his aunt's large home garden helping to cultivate fresh vegetables and Herbs. The flavor of these "farm to table" foods he found to be amazing. He would carry that heritage with him throughout his career. Alan's Pantry is all about building "Mis En Plas" in your pantry at your home so that preparing meals for your family and friends is a snap. Chef Todd Alan Lough will show you how to load your pantry with shelf stable and fresh ingredients so that making  Healthy, Nutritious and Delicious meals is easy and quick. Chef Alan has worked in many of North Americas finest hotels, resorts and restaurants. Through those experiences he has honed his culinary skills razor sharp. He will share with you all of his vast culinary knowlege of various styles of cuisine. It's no secret, his recipes will be easy to follow and will guide you to preparing restaurant quality food in your own home.


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