Growing up in Shenandoah Valley, VA, most of my earliest memories are centered around a true southern kitchen. For me food is love, family and happiness. I have always loved history and food and believe they are inextricably intertwined! I grew up in a household that was serious about meal time and entertaining, so it's in my veins. My family valued where they came from and most of, if not all, recipes reflected that. As a grownup, I enjoy exploring the exotic world of food, but still go back to my roots for comfort.

My careers have been all over the map. Initially, I thought it best to go the "practical" route and after 7 years in the FBI and a masters degree, I was not content with what I was doing. Before I knew it, I was resigning, moving to NYC and attending the International Culinary Center. I finally decided to pursue my true passion and I have not turned back since! Currently I do freelance writing, boutique catering and private chef work. I live in Manhattan with my loving husband and baby on the way! Every person has a story of cooking and I am finding mine!



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