Mireille has been cooking all her life, and learned from the best home cook, her father. Growing up in a funny/weird/ loving/food crazy (take your pick) family she would help her father cook at the strangest hours. Firing up the stove at 6 o’clock in the morning, waking up the whole house and maybe even the whole neighborhood. Cooking together early in the morning taught her to love food, to respect every ingredient and their contribution to the end result. Watching with fascination how a bunch of ingredients could, as if by magic, be turned into something delicious. If there is one thing she learned, it is that cooking is as much instinct as it is following a recipe.

Having a passion for cooking and photography it was a small step to start her cooking blog, The Tortilla Channel. Nearly every culture has its own version of the tortilla. In Surinam, where her father was born they have the roti, and in the Netherlands they have the pannenkoek. Spain and Mexico they have their own version of the tortilla, and in India they have naan and roti. Tortilla is just a metaphor and the Tortilla Channel shows the “tortilla” with a twist. The Tortilla Channel is a platform but certainly not a limitation, because there are enough of those already. It is a great way to fuse styles and cultures together.

On her blog you’ll learn how to make easy and wholesome recipes, accompanied with appetizing images and 1-minute food inspiration video’s showing a recipe from start to finish. All made with organic ingredients and shared with love.

When Mireille isn’t working hard on recipe and content creation, which consumes much of her time, she loves playing golf! She is also busy working on the outline for her first cookbook, which will be a trip around the world via the tortilla!


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