Kami is a natural in the entertainment and media business. As a young girl, performing acts for her family and friends was something she loved to do, in fact, she thrived when in the spotlight.

A Boston born beauty, Kami learned quickly how to harness her talent for in front of the camera. As co-host of The Flaming Greek, Kami gets to express herself as a talented, passionate, and wickedly entertaining personality. Chris and Kami are a dynamic duo. They are the perfect combination of entertainment and comedy.

Kami is also a jewelry designer and is a spiritual and holistic Crystal healer. She is on track to learn Rekhi healing techniques as well.

"Adding laughter to the show is key. People want to watch a cooking show that they can learn from and be entertained. That is my job on the show. I love making the viewers laugh" -Mariana a.k.a "Kami"


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