Being raised in a Greek family and growing up around Mediterranean Cuisine all my life has kept me well fed. Cooking is my passion and I get great pleasure out of seeing instant gratification on people’s faces. I love to get the kids involved in the kitchen and we have a lot of fun together. I was in the kitchen at age 7 with my father doing the same thing. Due to my busy life style I’m always on the run and eating fast food is not a healthy option. Eating healthy foods that are quick and easy led me to the “Flaming Torch” that is proven to cook anything and everything under the sun in 3 minutes flat. Good news like this needs to be shared to the American Public. I decided to create my own cooking show “THE FLAMING GREEK.” It’s hotter than hot. It is the Hottest Cooking Show on the Planet! Why? I said so!!!

The Flaming Greek shows us a new and exciting way to cook and entertain. It displays traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a new flare — “The Torch” — that adds unique entertainment to the traditional way of cooking. The torch has always been a symbol of Greek heritage.

If you are looking for entertainment when you watch TV, then this is for you. This show has it all. Great food, great recipes and a lot of fun. People of all ages will enjoy this untraditional cooking show that will definitely whet your appetite and entertain you. It’s got the “WOW” factor. No wonder it’s the hottest cooking show on the planet!

It’s a cooking show that gives us what we really want:

Originality, Great Food and Fun! The Flaming Greek live-action segments will delight viewers with cooking secrets, phenomenal recipes, delicious guests, and with platters of flame-throwing fun!


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