Taylor Bell

... Taylor was trained in the culinary arts at the famous Cordon Bleu in Paris. With a high-end catering company and salted-butter caramel business, Taylor seeks excellence through learning and experimentation. Obsessed with quality, Taylor believes that every aspect of a dish deserves attention and that quality begins with the ingredients. In his culinary classes, Taylor teaches the importance of understanding, and believes that anyone can learn his craft, and is often heard saying , “cooking is simply applied knowledge.” A consummate teacher, Taylor’s insatiable curiosity and unyielding patience make him a fascinating and engaging instructor. Often, he is confronted with the notion that science is the antithesis of art—that somehow the application of science undermines artistry—yet, for Taylor, science merely provides the answers, the tools, the understanding to better articulate his creative vision. Equipped with this philosophy, Taylor hopes to develop the culinary intuition of home cooks, and inspire them to learn and explore, in, and out of the kitchen.


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