... Steve Cassarino, AKA Chef Roc, is a celebrity chef and entertainer with over 30 years of professional experience in the kitchen, and more than 20 years of exposure on both locally and nationally broadcasted television programs. Before his career as a chef, Steve was an amateur boxer. Playfully nicknamed “Rocky” by his friends, he enjoyed the competition, but it wasn’t too long before he decided a future in the kitchen was a safer bet than one in the ring. Naturally, that hasn’t kept his friends from calling him “Roc” ever since! When the moment later presented itself to brand himself as a celebrity chef, the choice was easy, he became "Chef Roc." His perspectives on food and life are one and the same—broadening horizons and experiencing new flavors each and every day He seeks to share his message of enjoying great food and great times in any endeavor he undertakes, whether it’s as executive chef at a renowned restaurant, on a nationwide tasting tour, or as host of his own television show. Chef Roc is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts. After graduating, he was classically trained at the esteemed Le Petit de Cuisine in London and La Varenne in Paris. Co-founder of the Clever Cleaver Brothers, a duo of “stand-up chefs” that hosted a football season program called Tailgatin’ and frequently made appearances on the variety show circuit on programs such as The Tonight Show, The View, and Entertainment Tonight.


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